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4 Dos and Don’ts for Skye Bank

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Stop Assuring People, Think and Act!

People care less about your assurances. Nigerians have heard and seen banks wind up despite plenty assurances.

Stop wasting N400,000? on full page Punch adverts when you can save some money strategizing about the future. Nigerians, even the elite, are wary of promises.

Stop talking, take some quick steps.

Don’t Shut Down Branches, Turn them to Mini-Markets for Customers

Your 260? strong branch network is huge strength. Based on their account balance, offer your business account holders a chance to advertise and/or sell in your branches.

Think of it as converting your online YES Mall into a physical YES Bank. Transfer the management of your redundant branches to a leasing company and earn new revenue from leaseholds to your expansion-hungry customers.

You grow your deposit base, they grow their businesses. You win, they win.

De-Emphasize Skye Bank, Emphasize YES Bank

skye bank design party We all love new things and new names, therefore refresh your brand. Already, Skye Bank sounds
like danger to many: a bank where one’s money may never be retrieved.

So, do a simple refresh. Relaunch your redeveloped branches as YES Bank while retaining Skye bank as the parent brand.

Let your proposition be: YES Bank says the Skye is Big Enough to accommodate all our customers because we connect their businesses to a huge number of people who come to our branches.

Quit Core Banking, Embrace Brokerage

When customers see how successful you are at connecting their businesses to new customers all over Nigeria, how their sales have improved through advertising in your branch network, and how they are answering in-numerous new customer inquiries;

You will easily earn new revenue from brokerage deposits and become that bank that fulfills the promise of its slogan: the Skye is big enough because our 260? branches are big enough to accommodate every business.

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