Stomach Infrastructure Bank critiques Buhari’s inability to pay N5,000

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Stomach Infrastructure Bank is a critique of the inability of the Buhari administration to fulfill its campaign promise to pay N5,000 to Nigerian youths. By adopting transparency in its operations through the use of clear glass, the mobile nature of this cash installation immediately collapses the bureaucratic bottlenecks hindering the government in fulfilling its campaign promise.

The design is inspired by the vending machine, only in this case, cash is the item being vended. So an expectant youth approaches the machine with his SIBank card and receives N5,000 like he would have received a bottle of Coke if it were a vending machine for beverages. The potential for this installation is twofold: on one hand, politics, on the other, banking. As a political device, it can be deployed to different campaign sites by an Opposition that needs the crucial millennial vote while as a banking device, it can attract excitement-hungry millenials to the banking hall.

Summarily, it seeks to demystify and question the respect money gets being locked away in opaque safes by subversively celebrating cash.

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