We aDesign Party Logore an architecture & design thinking organization.
Our purpose is to (co)-create the future of Nigeria through Design.
Aside co-creating ideas, objects and buildings with our clients, we create our own intellectual property IP projects to fulfill our purpose.

Some of our IPs include the futuristic project, Fela Memorial Force HQ, which was exhibited at Freedom Park Lagos in March 2016 and Street Tracker, an outdoor installation that provides street access to the fiscal position of Nigeria while being a newsstand.


These are the 7 truths that sit at the foundation of our organization.

  1. We say architecture is not building but a way of thinking to shape life.
  2. We say enough of the architecture of apolitical professionals,  designing for design sake.
  3. We call for architecture with an agenda: a cause greater than the physical.
  4. We say: for too long,  our collective future has been decided by argument, wit and empty promises.
  5. We say:. there is no need for Left or Right wing politics, instead it’s time for national creative problem solving.
  6. We say Nigeria should be a unique model as a nation: in her politics, economy and culture.
  7. We therefore call for politics for the economy as the economy affects us all.

Download our manifesto here


baba oladeji

Baba Oladeji


Baba Oladeji started Design Party in 2015 after studying architecture in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. Before Design Party, he co-founded The Creative Office in 2010 and worked in the practice of Ayo Onajide FNIA RIBA.

Baba retains an academic interest in how architecture shapes the politics and economy of Nigeria and has explored this interest through the exhibited Fela Memorial Force HQ and his latest work, Stomach Infrastructure Bank.

Alongside his architectural studies, he convened DWSeries Design Workshop series: a practice-led educational series for university students in search of a creative core.

He directed 15 workshops involving practitioners and academics such as David Aradeon, Eghosa Imasuen, Kiki Kamanu, Kelechi Amadi-Obi, Bez Idakula and a host of others.

eMail: baba@designparty.ng

adeposi okupe head shot

Adeposi Okupe


Adeposi Okupe earned a Bachelor degree in Architecture and a Masters degree in Environmental Design, with distinction from the University of Lagos. He was formerly an architect with Design Group Nigeria (DGN) before co-founding Design Party.

At Design Group, he worked on projects such as Union Bank Dopemu and Apapa, Kingsway Mall, Transcorp Hotel Abuja, Investment One Head Office, Falomo Shopping Mall and Intercontinental Hotel Lagos.

Alongside architectural practice, his passion for the economic development of Nigeria led to the founding of Side Business Network (SBN), a private business community where he helps busy professionals design profitable businesses around their 9-5 work schedules.

He brings his experience with SBN to bear in overseeing the Business Development & Marketing of Design Party.

eMail: adeposi@designparty.ng

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